What does the IDS do?

  • Tours
  • Study Days
  • Newsletters
  • Seed Distribution

The Society:

  • Organises tours, all over the world, visiting arboreta, including botanical and private collections, and to see trees growing in their natural habitats
  • Holds Plant Symposia and Study Days
  • Provides Bursaries for students to study horticulture, particularly international exchanges
  • Produces a Yearbook for its members covering the Society's activities and annual tours, as well as specialist articles
  • Provides twice yearly a Newsletter for members
  • Provides information for the Society's membership through its dedicated Website
  • Distributes legally collected seeds from the wild and cultivation
  • Alerts the relevant authorities in countries where natural plant resources are under threat from development
  • Publishes the online version of Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, now online:  www.beanstreesandshrubs.org

This is achieved through:

  • A Council of Members representing countries throughout the world, meeting three times a year
  • A Scientific and Education Committee responsible for organising symposia and study days, making recommendations for grants, and supervising occasional publications
  • A Tours Committee responsible for visits world-wide to places of special interest to members
  • An Annual General Meeting (held in the UK every second year) when one third of the Council members are elected or re-elected
  • A social event held each year, usually at the time of the Chelsea Flower Show or in association with the AGM
  • Contacts with the 1,500 members from some 50 countries, many countries having a Vice President who is ex officio on Council