Picea: Pinaceae, Spruces in the Yarlung tsangpo drainage of southeast Tibet (Xizang, China), Keith Rushforth, 2007 PDF

An over-view of the genus Picea (Pinaceae) in China is given, with particular reference to the P. likiangensis group of species. This group is considered to include P. likiangensis (Franch.) E. Pritz. subspecies likiangensis, P. likiangensis subsp. balfouriana (Rehder & E.H.Wilson) Rushforth and P. purpurea Mast. The species of Picea occurring above 3000m in the drainage of the Yarlung tsangpo and its main tributary the Po tsangpo, southeast Tibet (Xizang) is allied to P. likiangensis & P. purpurea but with some characters shared with P. spinulosa (Griff.) A. Henry from south of the Himalaya (which also occurs at lower elevations in the Yarlung tsangpo drainage). The new combination P. linzhiensis (W.C. Cheng & L.K. Fu) Rushforth is made. A key to the species in the P. likiangensis and P. brachytyla groups is presented.

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