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This page shows events that are open to the public. Our webinars are available free of charge. Please consider making a donation to our Education fund which is used to support travel bursaries and grants.


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William A McNamara. "Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown ... the search for Acer Pentaphyllum" Recording 17 Jan 2023
Bill McNamara - Acer pentaphyllum SLIDE LIST

Abraham Rammeloo. "Trees and shrubs with winter interest at Arboretum Kalmthout" Recording 31 January 2024

Members can find earlier presentations from:

  • Dr Nicola Taylor - Chief Plant Health Officer, UK
  • Dr Hossain Akhani - Golestan
  • Maurice Foster - The Second Golden Age Revisited.
  • Dr Johhn Grimshwaw - The Garden at Ray Wood
  • Jim Gardiner. "Garden Shrubs - Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride?"
  • Philippe de Spoelberch. IDS in Kazakhstan

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